Dawlance REF 9191 WB Avante Refrigerator Glass Door

Dawlance 9191 WB Avante Glass Door Refrigerator
Dawlance 9191 wb avante glass door refrigerator are high-efficiency refrigerators with the trusted quality of Dawlance with the following great features:

Nature Lock Technology
5 Way cooling + 30% faster cooling
Optimised Fan with Deodorising Filter
Side Illumination LED
Inverter compressor technology
A++ Energy Rating
55% Less electricity consumption

The new line of nature-inspired refrigerators from Dawlance . 9191 wb avante offers the most enhanced solution for your daily food preservation needs. Nature Lock technology is an innovative technology designed to intelligently control the air and humidity in the crisper to prolong the life of fruits and vegetables by keeping them fresh. You can therefore store fruits and vegetables under ideal humidity conditions for up to 20 days.


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