Dawlance Split AC 15-Series Sprinter

Cooling Time:
Refrigerant Leakage Detection
Fireproof Control Box with Long Air Throw

With Gold Fin, Corrosion and Rust are not an issue.

Tubing with a High-Efficiency Rating

Functions of Heat and Cool

Low Voltage Initialization (150-260V)


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As the temperature rises, so does the anxiety about sleeping peacefully or spending your daytime productively. Keeping this in mind, the Dawlance 1.0 tonne split sprinter air conditioner is here to alleviate your discomfort by delivering a cool and relaxing environment during the hot summer months.

The Dawlance 1.0 tonne split sprinter ac not only cools your room or office, but it also makes it cold and peaceful from all sides with its long air throw.

The Dawlance 1.0 tonne split sprinter air conditioner has a low beginning voltage of 150V and runs smoothly on low electric voltage with minimal power usage, lowering your energy expenditures. It also has high-efficiency tubing.

Dawlance 1.0 tonne split sprinter ac comes with a fireproof control box that not only protects the AC’s unit in the event of an emergency or short circuit but also protects your room from the elements catching fire as well.


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